Community Garage Sale

Community Garage Sale

Jefferson Crossings is having an Annual Community Garage Sale on 9/14/2019 between 10am to 2pm.
If you would like to participate, please call Yuni to RSVP by 9/12/2019 502-434-3822.
The key to a successful garage sale is organization. Here are 13 tips to follow before opening your yard to the public.

I found the below website article helpful.

"13 Organizing Tips for a Successful Garage Sale | Angie's List

  1. Put up signs
    The best way to get people to your sale is with signs and arrows. They take time to prepare, place and pick up, but it is time well spent. If you do no other advertising, create good signage. You won't be disappointed.

  2. Keep your home safe
    Post a “No public restrooms” sign, lock your doors and windows and pull all shades and curtains. Know where the nearest public restroom is so you can give directions from your garage sale.

  3. Get organized
    Group like items together similar to how retail stores lay out their spaces. Some of your departments might include collectibles, tools, furniture, sporting goods, decor, linens, kitchen electronics, books, toys and framed photos.

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  1. Make some room
    Make sure you give your shoppers enough space to shop at the yard sale. Create wide aisles and easy enter and exit walkways.

  2. Use tables
    Shoppers like things at eye level. Make sure most of your items are up and off the ground. Your garage sale shoppers will appreciate not having to bend up and down. Make tables with saw horses and wood or borrow tables from friends or church. The only exception to this rule is children’s toys. Place them at kids' eye and hand level.

  3. Tarp it
    If you do have to put some items on the ground, be sure to put a tarp down first. This is more pleasing to the eye. If you don't have a tarp, consider plastic painting sheets, blankets or bed sheets. Anything is better than the ground.

  4. Hang clothes
    Adult clothes are usually a hard sell at a garage sale unless you price and display them right. Hang clothes using a clothing rack or horizontal ladder.

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  1. Plug it in
    Avoid the question, "Does this still work?" by making sure all your electrical items are plugged into outlets so shoppers can test them out.

  2. Designate a "free" box
    Fill a box with items you are willing to give away, like magazines or fabric scraps. Make a sign that says “Free.” Place this box in your yard or driveway where people driving by can see it.

  3. Label what's not for sale
    Avoid any confusion by placing “Not for sale” signs on those items shoppers can see but are not available for purchase.

  4. Price it right
    You are better off selling a lot of items at low prices than a few highly priced items. Remember, the point here is to declutter your home. A good rule of thumb for garage sales is to price each item for about 20 percent of what you paid for it. For example, if you paid $5 for it, you could sell it for $1 or less.

  5. Create comfort
    Let shoppers shop in comfort. They will stay longer. Have easy listening music on in the background — songs people can sing along to — and if it's a hot day, have fans going and sell bottled water. Have something to do while people shop, like reading a magazine and manning the money. Greet people and be friendly, but don’t watch them shop. It makes them nervous.

  6. Donate leftovers
    When the yard sale ends, box up the leftovers and donate them to a charity or schedule a donation pickup. Do not bring items back in to your home. Have a farewell ceremony, and let it go. Then sit back, relax and count your money. You deserve it."

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