How to Deal with Noisy neighbors

How to Deal with Noisy neighbors

No matter what you do, even in the best communities there are aoccasional issues with noisy neighbors. Maybe it's because they have visitors or possibly just because they don't realize how loud they are being. Here are a few good options for steps to take.

1. Do Not Overreact, Deal With the Noise Issues

Do not just keep complaining to yourself about the noise from your neighbors without doing anything to resolve. Keeping it to yourself will only make your emotions volatile. Calm down and think about the best way to approach the issue. Do not march to your neighbor’s house to complain about the noise immediately. See if the noise is loud only at a particular side of the home. You could stay in the room where the noise is lower and less distracting.

2. Differentiate between Outrageous and Normal Noise

If you are living in Louisville KY or one of the senior apartments, know when the noise from your neighbor is normal and when it is excessive. The noise could be routine noise from watching the TV or playing music at moderate volume. However, if your neighbor is creating excessive noise like playing music at a volume that vibrates your walls or their dog keeps barking every time, you need to take a step.

3. Keep Record

When your Louisville KY’s noisy neighbors are not relenting in their noise, you need evidence and a record of the events. If they are consistently disturbing you and it has become a pattern keep documenting in your calendar, noting the time and the type of noise. The record will be useful evidence in lodging your complaints either directly to your neighbors or the management. It will also show how much you have endured.

4. Use the Courtesy Knock

When your neighbor is so loud that you cannot endure it, relax and calm yourself before walking over to your neighbor’s door to knock and politely ask that the volume of the noise be reduced as it is disturbing you seriously. Do not pound at the door but knock moderately to make sure they hear you. The polite courtesy knock should work if your neighbor is not intentionally trying to get on your nerves.

5. When a Polite Appeal Fails, Get Formal

Having approached your neighbor polite, if the noise level is not appropriately addressed by your neighbor, then you need to be formal by putting your complaints in writing. Refer to all the dates you have noted and the date you politely approached your neighbor in the letter. Keep a copy of this letter for further actions when going to the authorities or the landlord.

Often, just a calm discussion will really go a long way to resolve the issue. Do your best to solve the issue in the most friendly way possible.