Tips for Your Pets in the Summer

Tips for Your Pets in the Summer

Pets are important members of the family. They are friendly, funny, and loyal companions. They love to tag along wherever you are going not minding how dangerous it could be - just because they trust you.
The summer is that time of the year for lots of activities help to maximize your apartment life such as backyard barbecues and pool parties. However, the summer could be harmful to your pets as the temperature will likely rise above 90-100F in some areas which could result in burns, heat stroke, and other injuries.
However, as the summer is approaching you need to look out for your pets. Your major concern during their summer for your pets is the heat. You need to protect them from heat stroke.
First, you should remember that dogs and cats do not sweat like humans do. They cool off through their paws and sometimes through panting. So, here are the tips to keep them safe during the summer.

1. Keep Your Pets Inside

Pets also get hot like you when outside. Ensure to keep your pets indoors where they can cool off with your AC working. Limit their time outdoors when temperature is high. Overheating is detrimental to your pets’ health.

2. Avoid Hot Surface

When enjoying your apartment life in Jefferson Crossings, avoid walking your pets on hot surfaces like the pavement or concrete. The heated surfaces can hurt their feet, in the same way, you could get hurt. If you have to gout when the temperature is high, walk on the grasses; else, keep them indoors.

3. Never Leave Them in the Car

Even if your car is parked in the shade with windows open, do not leave your pets in the car for any period. Keep your pets with you.

4. Watch Out For Algae

Most dogs love to swim at any opportunity they get during the hot summer days. You can limit this to the sprinkler in your backyard in Jefferson Crossings. Do not let your dog swim in stagnant pond or lakes that have a layer of algae. Certain types of algae are toxic and could have fatal effects on your pets.

5. Provide Plenty of Shade and Water

To prevent your pets from dehydration, especially when they love to run and play outdoors for extended periods, provide plenty of water for your pets to drink and also shade to stay to avoid overheating.
Following the tips above, you will be able to maximize your apartment life in Jefferson Crossings without jeopardizing the health and wellness of your pets.