Summer Grilling Tips

Summer Grilling Tips

With the summer around the corner, having activates you can do with your family at home is one of the ways to enjoy your apartment life in Jefferson Crossings. For the next few months, almost every resident in Jefferson Crossings will upgrade their apartment life with summer grilling and the smell of smoke, the sizzle of cooking meat, and the sound of laughter and fun will fill the air.
Here are some summer grilling tips to fire up your apartment life in Jefferson Crossings in different categories.


1. Putting Food on Too Early

If you are using wood or charcoal fire, wait for at least 30 minutes to allow the fire to turn gray before putting on the food. If you are using gas, allow some time to let the grates come to temperature.

2. Babysitting

This is a common error typical of an uncovered grill. Babysitting is when you constantly adjust or turn food or barbecue. Turning meat once is okay to get it properly done. Each time you turn the food, you lose smoke and the temperature goes down as well; so, the food might be under-cooked or charred.

3. Flame Ups

This results from babysitting frequent flipping causes the fire to flare up and burn the food. Each time you flip the food, you drop fatty juice on the burners or coals. In addition, avoid using a fork but a thong.

4. Early Saucing

Cook your food-barbecue or chicken until it is almost done before adding sauce to it because the sauce burns quickly. You only need to apply sauce and let it heat to caramelize the food before serving.

5. Undercooked Food

You can prevent having your food undercooked by using a meat thermometer. There are different types of meat thermometer on the market. You only need to stick a probe into your meat and set the alarm. When it is completely cooked, the alarm will notify you. This technology prevents you from opening your grill unnecessarily.


If you just want to start grilling to enhance your apartment life in Jefferson Crossings, here are the items you need to get ready:

  1. The grill is provided!
  2. Additive-free charcoal for charcoal grills
  3. Long wire brush for removing debris on the grill
  4. Vegetable oil (for oiling hot grills)
  5. Cutting boards
  6. A chimney starter for charcoal grills.
  7. Meat thermometer.
  8. Grill basket.
    With the items above, you can never go wrong with your summer grilling. You are now ready to have your family, friends, and neighbors come around to share your apartment life in Jefferson Crossings.