5 Benefits of renting an apartment

5 Benefits of renting an apartment

Everyone seems to think that buying a condo or house is always better than renting, but the contrary is true, renting an apartment has its own benefits. Apart from the fact that mortgage payment is off your neck, because rent is cheaper than mortgage, there are other benefits of renting an apartment that show up in everyday life (especially in a metro area like Louisville)

Let’s take a look at some;


You don’t have to worry about maintenance: When it snows, you don’t need to worry about shoveling three feet of snow while you are thinking of getting to work, or getting worried about keeping everything shining on the outside. If you own a house, you may be quite worried, but if your house is rented, the maintenance team is just one call away from you, they will fix in no time. Here is the sweet deal, rather than having to spend your own money fixing that, you could save it up and go on that much needed vacation to Cuba or the Bahamas.


Presence of complimentary amenities: With a rented apartment, there are usually aggregated amenities reserved for occupants of the apartment building like grill, fitness center or dog park, which is not usually the case with single, one-man buildings. This advantage of rent over buying will extend to making you feel at ease and equipping you with skills that could give you an edge over others.


Community living: Who loves great story tellers? If you do, let me to tell you that most of them have lived part of their lives in a rental or apartment house, thus enlarging their scope and increasing the number of people they have met. When you live in an apartment building, there is an ample opportunity to build a strong social engagement which is particularly lacking in a single home. Therefore, living in an apartment building will also sharpen your social and communication skills and this will go on to help you in other areas of life.

Short Term Help

Short-term solution: Sometimes, renting an apartment could be a short term solution, perhaps you were transferred at your work place or you have to move closer to a family member to provide support and assistance, or you are even in town for a few months to attend a special course. Never would buying an house come to you in such situations, renting here would be preferred.


Safety: Due to the high level of intra-personal relationships between the different families who live in an apartment or a multi-unit housing scheme, the safety of children, adults and everyone invloved are a stronger focus than a standalone house.

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