Top 6 Things That Renters Want In An Apartment

Top 6 Things That Renters Want In An Apartment

The success of any landlord depends not only on the ability to attract and retain high-quality renters but also in the quality of the home. However, there are certain things that all renters are looking for in an apartment. A good renter will pay rents when due and respect the property, but in turn, has expectations that must be met by the building and facilities or amenities in it.
Over the years, what renters want in an apartment have changed due to modernization and development of technology. Meanwhile, renters searching for Louisville apartments or senior apartments have certain features in mind before they will enter into any rental contract.
If you are buying a new property or remodeling the apartment you already own, here are the top 6 things that all renters want in an apartment.

1. Location

Most renters want Louisville apartments that are close to Jefferson Mall, a community park, public transportation or their workplaces. Renters are, more often than not, willing to pay more or overlook certain less desirable aspects of a rental unit as long as the property is in a great neighborhood.
Besides, renters with school-aged children want an apartment that is in a school’s district. It is the wish of every parent to give a quality education to their children. As a result, renters seeking a long-term rental contract would favor Louisville apartments that are within schools’ vicinity.

2. Security

Everyone wants to live in an apartment that is safe and secure where their properties would be safe; and where they would be able to sleep at night without worrying that their cars or homes are going to be broken into. These days that each family has different electronic gadgets such as TVs, laptops, and smartphones, no renter will take the security of their home lightly.
Given that property management companies will not be responsible for properties stolen from apartments and renters insurance only covers a certain percentage of any stolen property, renters want an apartment with an alarm service or a state-of-the-art security system that allows them to install a motion-activated device on the windows and interior doors, and monitor their home security via their smartphones like Scout, an app-based security system.

3. Parking

Looking for a parking spot for hours is what nobody wants especially when they have a melting ice cream or a bundle of groceries in the car. In a tight urban area like Louisville KY where the Parking Authority (PARC) has a lot of regulations guiding on-street parking and off-street parking facilities, parking is a crucial consideration.
If the apartment cannot offer off-street parking, there should be a provision for parking within five blocks away from the apartment. And if parking is provided, there should be specific rules in the lease and post signs that inform other people about these rule. Moreover, renters want these rules to be enforced consistently to renters from unauthorized users of the parking spaces.

4. Ready for Move-in

All renters want Louisville apartments that are in a move-in condition with the property in a good and well-maintained condition. Repairs and renovations can be annoying and disruptive; so, no renter wants to be exposed to fresh paint smell. If the property requires painting, cleaning, carpeting, renovations, etc., they should have been completed before showing the apartments for rental.
In addition, renters want senior apartments that have basic appliances included. No renter wants to go through the hassle of purchasing costly appliances but will be interested in apartments that have necessary appliances for the convenience and comfort.

5. Outdoor Space, Open Floor, and Storage

Senior apartments or Louisville apartments that have a balcony or private backyard are a hot cake that renters desire. All renters desire a small space to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, and where their aged seniors can relax.
In addition, renters want apartments with an open floor plan and storage. Having a closet in the bedroom or a storage outside like an outdoor storage shed or within the basement will suffice. Everyone loves an option to store large or seasonal properties like skis, bikes, and more, and more space within the living area.

6. Pet-friendly Apartments

Most renters have pets and are searching for Louisville apartments or senior apartments that are pet-friendly. Although properties are not legally required to allow all pets, not all apartments have provisions for pets within the apartments or the entire property. Some properties, however, charge pet owners a certain premium in rent while several properties do not offer any support for pets. Having an on-site dog park is also a unique addition to the Jefferson Crossings community.

If you have a property owner in Louisville, consider the top 6 things that all renters want in an apartment to upgrade your home, remodel your property or install devices that will meet the need of renters. Senior apartments or Louisville apartments that meet the above conditions are attractive to renters in Louisville KY.