Life after Retirement: What comes next?

Life after Retirement: What comes next?

An American lives an average 20 years after retirement and retires at the age of 62. Giving your aging body some much-needed rest is practical in theory, but are you planned for what is to come? After the initial days of your new found freedom, suddenly you have a gallon of free time and don’t what to do about it.
You will need to find a way to get busy and keep yourself engaged. Here are some things you can try and find your purpose after retirement.

Exercise Schedule

The office takes away a huge chunk of your life. Apart from keeping you busy and active all day, offices don’t save up much time for exercise. At the age of 62 you have reached a new stage in life, taking care of your body becomes a pivotal part of maintaining an active lifestyle. Engage in social activities, golf, hiking or even morning walks. It should not be difficult to fit in some daily exercise after retirement.

Start Afresh

Retirement is the perfect time to pursue your unfulfilled wishes and expand on your hobbies. Follow your passion, try out new things. Maybe you wanted to be a guitarist, learn a new language or perhaps start a website. The sky is the limit for you and nothing should stop you from trying new things. Remember KFC was founded by a 75-year-old man!!

Volunteer and Part-time Work

The days of a happy peaceful retirement are long gone. Americans are way behind their savings and expenses are mounting every day. It is not a bad idea to stay a part of the company or find a new job even after the retirement. Studies show 14% of the retirees are working full time. Some even prefer part-time jobs years after their retirement.
Volunteer work is also a great way to keep yourself engaged and donate to the community. Sharing your knowledge and experience with peers can be a rewarding experience. Try volunteering for things you like, perhaps a school or a club to help the younger generation.

Making contacts

Retirement can be boring. You leave your colleagues and friends behind at work and probably won’t have much time for you. You are forced to stay at home which might seem tempting at first but turns into a horror show very soon.
Solution? You have to make new friends. The best way to make new friends is by getting involved in the community. Try a part-time job or volunteer in community work. Meet new people and talk to them. Humans are social beings and mixing with people is important to keep yourself happy.

Take a Vacation

We have saved the best for last. Retirement offers freedom like never before and that should be enough to explore new terrains. You have all the time in the world, try going different places. Everyone has a place they dreamed of visiting at some point in their life, well, now would be the time to do it!! It is never late to make some new memories.
Retirement is not the same anymore, rising expenses and social security will not cut it. Most of us fail to save enough money to take care of us after retirement and underestimate their own expenses. Anyone at the age of 65 will need long-term health care, something that is never accounted for by 70% Americans.
Retirement can be exciting and frightening. There’s a lot you can do after retirement. However, if you are approaching retirement anytime soon, it’s best to start planning now and be prepared for the future. Pension plans are slowly eroding and Americans should be looking into defined-contribution plans in order to secure their future after retirement.