Trends for Senior Housing in 2018

Trends for Senior Housing in 2018

In the recent past, we have seen a lot of changes in a way the seniors live their life. As the seniors grow with the age, their needs become more sophisticated. This is also primarily due to lifestyle preferences by the urban population and thus they desire more innovation by the industry. With the advent of technology, the industry has been able to cater to the needs of every individual, thereby offering customized housing and care to the seniors. This trend will continue in 2018 and the seniors will be getting more personalised and integrated support and care when it comes to location, accessibility and design. The industry experts have also predicted some new trends that will be seen as a big shift in the senior living.
Check out the trends that we could see in senior housing going into 2018.


The location will have a significant impact in 2018 as according to the experts, seniors will be shifting their preferences towards those locations, which have their cultural roots. They would be choosing the neighbourhoods, in which they have seen their families grow and also, where there is an easy access to several amenities and services. In 2018, the choice of seniors will be on urban areas with integrated living. The location should also be in close proximity to the retail as well as grocery stores. Living in those locations from where they can easily go to pubs, parks, public libraries, etc and use public transportation conveniently will be their criteria.
The most important thing the seniors need is quality healthcare. So, they also need a better healthcare infrastructure nearby. The trend also shows that the seniors need their floor plans to be smart with the smaller footprint. They need close elevator access and shorter corridors so that they can move freely with little effort.


In the last few years, there is a lot of advancement in the technology and the seniors would like to use them to their advantage. The Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things have only made our lives convenient by enhancing our communication with the electronic devices. There are numerous devices such as Amazon Echo, Google Assistant, Siri, Cortana, etc that can be used by giving them instructions and getting the task done.
The seniors can control their home appliances like the fan, Air Conditioner, lock their doors, and create lists, set alarms and reminders with the help of Virtual Assistants. The seniors can also enquire about the traffic, weather or latest news by just instructing the devices. They would be willing to get all these kinds of conveniences going into the year 2018.


Another trend that we could see in this year will be personalized care for the seniors. Until now, the senior housing providers were focussing only on two things- very active seniors and the seniors needing 24-hour care. But now the seniors have more options and hence, the providers will have to offer personalised care and solutions according to the need of an individual. They will have to think in a unique manner and propose new strategies to them.
The providers will have to take care of the activities they want and the choice of food and time of the meal. They have to ensure that they are provided with the choice of housing style, either apartment or shared quarters. Even the staff they provide should have personal connections with the seniors so that they can lead a care-free life. The design and interior of the house should be according to their needs and convenience. ****
These are some of the trends that could be seen in this year in the senior housing industry. The main focus of the housing providers should be on making scalable capabilities into integrated and community infrastructures. But looking at last year’s urban building boom, we could see the developers integrating the senior community into well-planned larger communities. This would give them easy access to various basic as well as lifestyle amenities like large salons, parks, restaurants, cafes, etc in the larger community itself. But still, the focus would be on providing personalized experience with innovation to the senior living communities in 2018.

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