The 3 Best Reasons To Live in Louisville KY

The 3 Best Reasons To Live in Louisville KY

Louisville, the largest city of Kentucky, is one of the best places to live in as it offers all the major amenities a city usually offers. Shopping, museums, lounges, dining, and many other exciting things can be done in Louisville. It is popular for Kentucky Derby at legendary horse racing track- Churchill Downs, the University of Louisville, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Louisville Cardinals athletic teams, and Slugger baseball bats and also, three Fortune 500 companies are located in Louisville. There are many music festivals conducted all throughout the year in Louisville. There are many interesting things in Louisville that are offered to people living here.
Among so many interesting reasons to live in Louisville KY, let’s see the top three ones that will definitely attract you towards Louisville.


Louisville has some amazing restaurants with some brilliant chefs. The city is popular for Kentucky Fried Chicken but there are also several upscale restaurants that are best in the country. These have also won numerous awards from publications like Bon Appetit, Food & Wine Magazine, etc. There are plenty of chefs, who make some of the tastiest dishes, which is the main reason for locals loving their city so much. Another interesting part is you have the options of locally grown food as well as fast food. Most of the restaurants here offer locally grown food and hence make them unique.
There is also a restaurant named The Oakroom that holds AAA’s Five Diamond Rating among all the restaurants in the entire state. Louisville has many popular chefs like Edward Lee from ‘Top Chef’ on ‘Food Network’ and Damaris Phillips, the winner of the show ‘Food Network Star’.

Music Festivals

You can experience the live music of every genre in Louisville as the city has numerous venues that host multiple music festivals all throughout the year. It has a lively music scene as several artists including local to popular ones, comes and allows the people to celebrate music in amazing style. Waterfront Wednesdays, offering free concerts to the public, are conducted every month from April to September on beautiful waterfront in Louisville. Forecastle Festival is another three-day music event that is attended by thousands of music fans every year. Highly popular international artists can be seen in this event featuring distinct genres.
Some international artists like Taylor Swift and Fleetwood Mac can be seen performing at KFC Yum Center. Music fans can also catch-up performers such as Harry Connick Jr. or Ryan Adams at The Louisville Palace Theatre. There are many more music events that are conducted throughout the year so that the fans can enjoy their favourite music.

Rich Culture, Art and Museums

Louisville is also popular for its arts, museums and stunning theatres. The most comprehensive and best artwork collections can be found in the largest museum, Speed Art Museum. Unique classical masterpieces and ancient artefacts from across the world can be found in this museum. For modern art, you can also go to 21C Museum Hotel.
Along with the museums, there are also performance art venues that are popular for hosting live performances from famous artists. There is a Palace Theater, which was built in 1928 and is one of the oldest venues and has the best interiors for the people to enjoy. The Louisville Shakespeare Festival takes place every year and it is free for viewers. There is also The Actors Theater of Louisville that hosts numerous performances every year.
These are some of the many reasons why people can easily live in Louisville. There is no dearth of entertainment for the people living here as all around the year, several festivals keep going on. The place enjoys all four seasons with summer being the hottest and winter being the coldest. People here are also crazy about Derby season as they watch the horse race each other with full excitement. To agree on the above, you have to go and experience the city and see what it offers.

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