How not having rental insurance can ruin everything.

How not having rental insurance can ruin everything.

Imagine this situation; you are at home ready to cook your favorite meal. Everything is setup but then the phone rings and you take the call. Within moments the oil on the stove gets too hot and goes ablaze. Before you are able to react the flames rise and you have no choice but to leave the apartment. Your heart drops as you watch flames and smoke pour out of the building.

No one ever wants to be the subject of an accident or be involved in something that causes loss and heartache. Jefferson Crossings is covered by multiple types of insurance plans but one thing that many residents fail to realize, is that this coverage is very limited when it comes to your belongings.

FACT: there are many events such as a fire or burglary that are not covered by the insurance policies of the community.

There is nothing more heartbreaking than to have tragedy strike, only to realize that everything you have lost will have to be replaced at your own cost. Through the years some of the most difficult moments have come when a resident has expected to be covered by the community policy only to find out their belongings weren’t covered, especially with the fact that rental insurance is only a few dollars a month.

Things to consider:

  1. Type of policy: Actual cash value or Replacement Cost

One involves depreciation and one involves replacement of your items at original cost.

  1. Adding a floater:

Sometimes you might have items that have high value. If this is the case then you might consider adding a floater or additional coverage to bridge that gap.

A simple phone call to your current insurance provider and just a few minutes could make all the difference you need for peace of mind when disaster strikes. If you need help, our management staff would be happy to suggest a provider or direct you on your first steps.